फ़िनलैंडः शिक्षा व्यवस्था में महत्वपूर्ण बदलाव की तैयारी

Subject teaching in Finnish schools is not being abolished

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Finnish National Board of Education की वेबसाइट पर प्रकाशित रिपोर्ट में कहा गया है कि विषय पर आधारित पढ़ाई की व्यवस्था ख़त्म नहीं की जा रही हैै। इसके पहले दुनियाभर के अख़बारों में इस आशय की रिपोर्ट प्रकाशित हुई थी कि फ़िनलैंड की स्कूलों से विषय आधारित पढ़ाई की व्यवस्था समाप्त की जा रही है। हालांकि फिनलैंड के एज्यूकेशन बोर्ड का कहना है कि पाठ्यक्रम को लागू करने की पर्याप्त स्वतंत्रतता दी जाएगी और कक्षाओं में पढ़ाई को ज़्यादा सहभागी बनाया जाएगा। साल 2016 तक बेसिक शिक्षा में महत्वपूर्ण बदलाव किये जाएंगे।

विस्तार से पढ़िए पूरी रिपोर्ट

The news that Finland is abolishing teaching separate subjects has recently hit the headlines world-wide. Subject teaching is not being abolished although the new core curriculum for basic education will bring about some changes in 2016.

The subjects common to all students in basic education are stipulated in the Basic Education Act, and the allocation of lesson hours among school subjects is prescribed in the Decree given by the Government. However, education providers have had a high degree of freedom in implementing nationally set objectives for more than twenty years. They may develop their own innovative methods, which can differ from those in other municipalities.

The new core curriculum for basic education that will be implemented in school in August 2016 contain some changes which might have given rise to the misunderstanding. In order to meet the challenges of the future, the focus is on traversal (generic) competences and work across school subjects. Collaborative classroom practices, where pupils may work with several teachers simultaneously during periods of phenomenon-based project studies are emphasized.

The pupils should participate each year in at least one such multidisciplinary learning module. These modules are designed and implemented locally. The core curriculum also states that the pupils should be involved in the planning.

(साभारः Finnish National Board of Education की वेबसाइट पर प्रकाशित रिपोर्ट)

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