Poem: ‘Mahatma to many , but not to all’

In the annals of history, Gandhi’s name shines bright,
Mahatma to many, a beacon of light.
But for Dalits, a different tale unfolds,
A tale of conservatism, as history holds.

Gandhi, revered by a nation so vast,
Yet Dalits’ struggles were left in the past.
He deemed their political rights, a futile quest,
For their separation, he detested, in protest.

He said, “Those who speak of untouchable’s plight,
They don’t grasp India’s structure, in their fight.
I’d resist alone, with all my might,
To keep them within Hinduism’s light.”

Though he vowed to end untouchability’s stain,
Dalit’s political choice, he’d disdain.
A rift with Ambedkar, a clash of thought,
In Gandhi’s vision, they were caught.

The honor of Hinduism, he’d proclaim,
Could not be saved without untouchability’s shame.
But for Dalits, their struggle was real,
A vision for justice, they’d zealously feel.

So Mahatma to many, but not to all,
Dalits’ journey for equality, is an uphill crawl.
In history’s pages, this truth remains,
Gandhi’s legacy is complex with mixed gains.
Written by Sakshi Bhandari (12th)
Nanakmatta Public school, Uttarakhand

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