Idea of a Good Language Classroom..

DSCN6977A good language classroom should reflect the understanding of language learning process. A language is developed through the visualization, listening, association of different life experiences and practice. So this needs to be reflected in the classroom as well. 

First of all a good language classroom should be visually attractive for the children. In the class all the children should be given equal opportunity of participation. Teachers should also insure the participation of such students who are  shy or have fear to face the people. In such situation a teacher can encourages the students to speak and put his/her ideas without hesitation.

As language includes all basic skills like listening, understanding, reading and writing. So this is expected from a language class that it gives the opportunity to all the students to improve upon all the above skills. This should be taken care in the language class by a teacher as if a student improve on listening and reading. Because it helps in speaking and writing as well. The Classroom process of a language class should be participatory and the teachers should give due attention to student’s voice modulation and clarity of thought.

The journey of language learning should start from working on listening and talking of stories. Outside schools experiences should also be made part of classroom discussion from time to time. This can be done in a very planned way to impart different skills such as listening, speaking. For example talking of village fair, local festival and sharing about student’s life may be helpful. Students may be given exposure to audio-visual material if possible.

During language learning process the rules of whole language approach is very helpful. A teacher should understand the student’s problem while learning a language. At the same time He/She should behave with students in supportive manner to increase their confidence. The students should be allowed to use their local language in the classroom.

This approach will boost student’s confidence and they will be willing to participate in the discussion taking place in the classroom. The fun and joy should be integral part of language learning. In the classroom pictures can be used to get quick response from children and they also may be encouraged to find a relation between different images and here the role of a language teacher becomes very important.

A language classroom should utilize the imagination of students to think on a familiar event and object. There should be enough space for interaction (speaking and listening) in the classroom. While doing an activity clear guidance should be given. Language used by the teacher should be easy; voice should be clear and audible to all students. A teacher should use the complete sentence while speaking to students this will help them to learn the proper way to use a language.

Every activity taking place in the classroom should have clear objective. For example how this activity is going to be conducted in a language class. At the same time students should  be encouraged to listen to other students as well. A language class should include examples which are directly related to real life situations. It should underline the uses of language in the classroom.

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