What do you Love most about your Job as A Teacher?


Amber Odom shared this picture with kids.

This hashtag #14DaysOfTeachingLove is getting attention of teachers community on twitter. They are sharing their experience as a teacher what they love most about their Job? What give them a sense of satisfaction while interacting with small kids and students each day. One of the teacher Michelle N. Moore wrote, “Join me in as we kick off the new month.” She posted the picture below and invited people to share their thoughts on the questions written on the poster.

What do we Love most about your Job?


 ‘Happy Children=happy librarian!’

education-imageOlivia Carter replied, “I love watching the students grow in every way (socially, academically, emotionally), & I love facilitating activities & conversations that help them do so!”

Rae Hughart said, “Everyday is an opportunity to start fresh – both for your students and you! Take advantage and be awesome!”

Aimee Kennedy wrote, “Happy Children=happy librarian! I love reading aloud!” she posted her picture with the children coming to library with the post.

 ‘Our schools are great places to learn.’

Shopping-pictureAmber Odom says, “These sweet faces push me to think of the best ways to help them become lifelong learners. Their hugs and smiles are amazing and brighten my day! They are the “why” I love my job. Some pretty amazing colleague make it great too!”

Susan Jett said, “I love my students, each and every one with each of their own unique personalities and strengths.”

Christi Fryman said, ” I love the relationships that develop with your students and watching them grow!”

Erica Smith responded, “I love that I get to work with such a wide variety of kids! Plus a wide variety of diagnoses and ability levels. It’s never dull and there’s always something new!”

“I live for the “Ah-hah!” moment!”

Jenenifer M Johnston replied , “I love my job, especially the feeling when I hear the good news stories of how our interventions, programs and services are making a difference for students with special education needs. Our schools are great places to learn.”

teacher-world-1Lauren Theodore said, “I know it’s cliche but I love that I get to make a difference everyday. I love being able to be my students cheerleader and show them that they are worthy, loved, and are capable of great things!!”

Tiffany Ott replied, “I love the moment when a student who believes they CAN’T understand something pauses, looks up at me, and that moment of realization flickers across their eyes. I live for the “Ah-hah!” moment!”

Lori Laramore said, “Working with people who LOVE what they do and are 💯committed to the children in their care. Everyone’s passion is so contagious! It isn’t really a “job”. It’s more like a mission.”

‘I love “light bulb” moments!’

Natasha said, “I love collaborating with teachers and students! Working together for a common goal and being a positive influence for our students!”

a-letter-to-my-teacherRhea Hasen replied, “Silly (but true) I love creating anchor charts and PowerPoints, find both oddly relaxing. and Deeper answer: I love those “light bulb” moments when my Students finally “get it

Kimberly Voge said, “I love seeing the whole cycle of success in learning. Watching someone wrestle with a new concept and moving to a new understanding. It’s like conquering little mountain peaks. Someone puts their trust in you.”

Lexi Katsivalis said, “I love that I get to watch the kids grow into themselves and learn new things every day.”

‘I also have a chance to reach the student!’

Ms. King said, “I love that I can teach the subject/content to the student, but I also have a chance to reach the student. #BuildingRelationships”

img_20180202_002624866402018.jpgAshlee Resch said, “What do I love most about my job? Being able to work with, teach, and learn with such amazing students each and every day! They are the reason I get up and come to work every single day!”

Mewlisa Hayes replied, ” My 24 kiddos! They make me smile, laugh, wonder. They teach me to be a better person and inspire me everyday! I’m so lucky to have the privilege of being their teacher! #blessed ❤️”


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